Biostimulants and microfertilizers
About company

The Spanish company Agritecno has been producing organic fertilizers, growth promoters and micronutrients since 2001.

Being a global leader in this area, the company produces original products that meet the highest standards of quality.

Why work with AgriTecno?

High quality products

Products Agritecno is aimed at satisfying the needs of the agrarian sector, namely the provision of plant nutrition, both in the traditional and ecological type of agriculture. This allows you to get rich crops with high quality and with confidence in environmental safety.


Preparations Agritecno have been awarded certificates of such world-wide organizations as Ecocert (EU), OMRI (USA), Sohiscert (EU) as products acceptable for use in environmentally friendly farms.

Developments and research

In the vast majority of preparations, Agricotheco contains raw materials of its own production, including organic extracts obtained in a unique way.

Modern production facilities

We use the best technologies to ensure efficiency, as well as rational and ecological use of natural resources.

Highly skilled staff

The company Agritecano is represented by agronomists, engineers, chemists and biologists from around the world. The team of professionals provides high quality products and services.


Managers carry out personal servicing of each client and are always ready to meet their basic needs.

Results of cooperation
We are chosen and recommended

Hello to all. We would like to present to your attention the feedback of the chief nutritionist of ASTARTA-Kyiv LLC Pavlyk Roman about our drug Tecnokel N, which prevents and eliminates nitrogen deficiency and is also an excellent replacement for urea. Thank you for the wonderful work, Sergei Ilyashenko 👍🏼 Here you can learn more about biostimulants and micro fertilizers. We are always happy to help with ...

Astarta review on the use of the drug Tecnokel N
You can find us here:

Manager for work with VIP-clients Ilyashenko Sergey Anatolyevich

+ 38 (067) 351-79-41; +38 (099) 926-44-15

Lviv region

Mizernyk Dmytro

+ 38 (096) 652-21-07

Lviv region, Horticulture and berry growing

Victoria Fedorenko

+ 38 (067) 943-54-44

Kherson region, Horticulture and vegetable growing

Lyska Oleksandr

+38 (066) 692-62-68

Kherson region

Pavlovsky Vitaly

+ 38 (066) 828-92-40

Ivano-Frankivsk region and Chernivtsi region

Andrey Skubish

+ 38 (096) 01-48-393

Khmelnytskyi region

Mahalas Oleg

+38 067-814-94-96

Ternopil region

Ivan Onischuk

+ 38 (096) 27-95-025

Vinnytsia region

Evgeny Ovsyannikov

+ 38 (097) 40-11-270

Volynskyi region

Ulyana Kulybaba

+ 38 (095) 61-07-066

Kyiv and Chernihiv regions

Maxim Frolov

+ 38 (067) 44-26-159


Lahodyuk Vasyl

+ 38 (063) 875-80-66

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