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Biostimulators for seed treatment

Fertigrain Start and Fertigrain Start CoMo is a powerful bionutrient specifically designed for seed treatment. Due to its use a high percentage of germination is achieved, promotes better development of the root system, increases yields.

Biostimulators of root feeding

Biostimulators for the development of the root system based on amino acids, macro and micronutrients for indoor and outdoor use.

Biostimulators for crops

Biostimulants that stimulate the growth, development and reproductive system of the plant.

Nutrient trace elements

Drugs to prevent and eliminate possible nutritional deficiencies.

Plant protection stimulants

Biostimulators are specially designed for foliar and root fertilization with a protective effect.

Adjuvant for agrochemical mixtures

Teknofit pH + is used as a water conditioner when spraying crops

Leaf irrigation biostimulators

Biostimulants are anti-stressors based on plant extract with a high content of amino acids.